Excavators 101: General Information for New Contractors in Stanwood

excavatorsAll starting contractors eventually take on their first major construction project. Newcomers in the industry may not be totally familiar with some of the machinery they'll be using. Having a baseline knowledge of excavator general information is important for safely operating and handling the machine.

Parts of an Excavator

Excavators make up of these following components: House, bucket, stick, and boom.

  • House--this is the part that holds the engine, oil, and fuel.
  • Bucket--the attachment consisting of an enlarged scoop for digging and shuttling away debris. The bucket may be switched out with the breaker and hoe pack for breaking apart rockeries and concrete.
  • Stick--the elongated component that lifts the bucket.
  • Boom--the "neck" that connects the stick to the main excavator body

Types of Excavators

  • Crawler Excavators--These are the main excavators on the market and for rent. They boast impressive horsepower and are mainly used for mining operations.
  • Dragline Excavators--These come with a lifting crane component. Contractors use them for road, port, and pond construction. Alternatively, draglines also include built-on-site excavators for mining sand and tar.
  • Suction Excavator--This is also known as a vacuum excavator and it does exactly what its name suggests. This excavator utilizes a suction pipe with teeth that rips through earth and vacuums the debris at the same time. Suction excavators are the construction vehicle of choice for clearing underground elements.
  • Long-Reach Excavator--This excavator has an extra-long stick. This makes it highly sought-after for demolition projects and breaking apart buildings and other structures.

Get More Excavator General Information Today

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