Steel Vs Rubber Excavator Tracks: Which Is Better?

excavator tracks, steel excavator tracks, rubber excavator tracksContractors have to take into account many considerations when renting an excavator. This includes tail swing options and the various attachments. Another is deciding between steel and rubber excavator tracks. Which is the better type for this project?

Steel Track Pros and Cons

Steel tracks are far more durable and can hold up better under rough working conditions. This is especially the case when dealing with hard and sharp surfaces. Steel is also far more resistant to chemical contact.

In addition, steel provides better traction on muddy surfaces. The tracks have a firmer "bite" that allows them to hold on to the loose surface. Rubber tracks are vulnerable to spinning when traversing muddy and wet surfaces. Steel is also slacker than rubber, enabling it to expel small rocks and debris.

Unfortunately, for operators, operating a steel tracked excavator might be more uncomfortable. Steel tracks tend to cause more jarring, which can lead to operator fatigue. Steel tracks are also louder, creating more noise pollution.

Rubber Tracks Pros and Cons

Rubber has the innate ability to conform to uneven surfaces. Rubber tracks are also lighter. This makes them the better choice if you require an excavator in the late stages of a construction project. The rubber tracks can travel over the newly completed landscape without causing damage to the concrete or asphalt. If you ever plan on purchasing your own excavator, rubber is the more affordable option.

Rubber, though, is also susceptible to chemical damage. Even exposure to oil and grease can cause premature wear. As such, this type of excavator track requires more frequent servicing.

We Provide Steel and Rubber Excavator Tracks

Active Excavator Rentals can make a recommendation based on the specifics of your project. We provide rubber and steel tracks, as well as an assortment of breakers and hoe packs. Learn about us and our expansive inventory. Steel and rubber excavator tracks both have their respective advantages.

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