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Turn to our heavy equipment rental company in Washington for all your construction and heavy machinery needs. We offer a huge selection of equipment rental for construction and industrial projects in the Greater Seattle area. Get in touch today to access top-quality construction machinery from Active Excavator Rentals.

Benefits of Renting

Renting, instead of buying heavy equipment, provides flexibility and enhances your ability to complete projects on schedule, especially when interruptions due to mechanical issues occur. You will pay less initially for the rental while still getting to use the equipment as needed. Additionally, you can skip insurance premiums and maintenance costs by renting.

Excavator Rental Truck

Industrial-Strength Excavator Rentals for Contractors

Excavation contractors must work as efficiently as possible to provide excellent service to their clients and achieve a good profit margin. Time is money; you can’t let an equipment malfunction slow you down. So, whether your excavation equipment has been failing or you don’t have enough demand to warrant owning an excavator, we can rent it to you. Contact us today to learn more.

Premier Equipment Rental and Customer Service

Active Excavator Rentals takes pride in providing well-maintained equipment. We are confident that the possibilities of a mechanical breakdown are improbable when you use our tools. Our seasoned mechanics and well-stored service trucks provide unmatched field support. These are some of the reasons why our excavator rental company is unparalleled in Greater Seattle in terms of equipment, pricing, maintenance, and customer service.

Excavator Rental Truck on Construction Site

Excavator Rentals Delivered to Your Job Site

At Active Excavator Rentals, we deliver the equipment you want to rent directly to your work site so that you and your crew can work with as little downtime as possible. Our large selection of excavator rentals includes only the highest quality brands, such as Link-Belt, Komatsu, Hitachi, and Yanmar.

Our Available Equipment

Yanmar ViO55-5B Class

Yanmar Vi055-5B Class

  • Approx. Weight: 11,500lbs
  • Width: 6′ 6″
  • Max. Dig Depth: 13′
  • Max. Reach: 20′ 4″
  • Lift: 5,585lbs
Yanmar ViO80 Class

Yanmar ViO80 Class

  • Approx. Weight: 17,650lbs
  • Width: 7′ 5″
  • Max. Dig Depth: 14′ 7″
  • Max. Reach: 22′
  • Lift: 9,415lbs
Link-Belt 145X3 Class

Link-Belt 145X4LC Class

  • Approx. Weight: 33,600lbs
  • Width: 8’ 6”
  • Max. Dig Depth: 18’ 1”
  • Max. Reach: 28’ 8”
  • Lift: 18,900lbs
Link-Belt 235 Class

Link-Belt 235 Class

  • Approx. Weight: 56,879lbs 
  • Width: 10′ 6″ 
  • Max. Dig Depth: 21′ 1″ 
  • Max. Reach: 31′ 9″ 
  • Lift: 21,850lbs 

Link-Belt 245X4LC Class

  • Approx. Weight: 56,900lbs
  • Width: 10’ 6”
  • Max. Dig Depth: 21’ 10”
  • Max. Reach: 29’ 1”
  • Lift: 15,504lbs

Zaxis 350 Class

  • Approx. Weight: 77,269lbs 
  • Width: 11′ 
  • Max. Dig Depth: 24′ 3″ 
  • Max. Reach: 36′ 5″ 
  • Lift: 34,447lbs 
350 Link-Belt 350 Class

Link-Belt 350X4 Class

  • Approx. Weight: 80,028lbs 
  • Width: 11′ 2″ 
  • Max. Dig Depth: 24′ 
  • Max. Reach: 36′ 
  • Lift: 34,350lbs 
Zaxis 450 Class

Zaxis 450 Class

  • Approx. Weight: 110,000lbs 
  • Width: 11′ 7″ 
  • Max. Dig Depth: 25′ 6″ 
  • Max. Reach: 36′ 8″ 
  • Lift: 40,000lbs 
John Deere 470 Class

John Deere 470G LC Class

  • Approx. Weight: 112,916lbs
  • Width: 11′ 11″
  • Max. Dig Depth: 27′ 2″
  • Max. Reach: 40′ 3″
  • Lift: 41,500lbs
490 Link-Belt 490X4 Class

Link-Belt 490X4 Class

  • Approx. Weight: 112,200lbs
  • Width: 12’
  • Max. Dig Depth: 27′
  • Max. Reach: 41’
  • Lift: 40,000lbs
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